Does Google Love You

You know the importance of using keywords as part of your SEO strategy when building your website and writing your articles. What you may not know is Google places emphasis on having one or more keywords in your website name. From an organic traffic standpoint, it'll increase your rankings (especially if the domain matches the exact search query).
So, if your domain name is a close match to the keywords your prospects are searching for - it's like the hitting the jackpot to get on page one of Google for that search phrase.
I will teach you how to develop an SEO strategy for your website domain. Not thought of that before? Well, you should! It's important and an amazingly powerful strategy that most online marketers don't even think about. It will boost your search engine results for the keywords your prospects are searching for.Google gives preferential treatment and responds more favorably by boosting your rankings based on keyword-rich domain names.
When I work with my private clients, I always look at whether they should purchase a domain name with their company name (branded domain) or a domain name based on their service or offering (keyword-rich domain).
I will explain an example of a "company name URL" and a "keyword-rich URL" and the power both have so Google loves you.
Company Name URL
As you know, your company name or "brand" is one of the most important aspects of your business or personal identity. Your company name is the foundation for everything you do. Your company and identity will be on your website, print material, business cards, letterhead, etc... This is ultimately what people will recognize and associate you with, so when you have the opportunity to purchase the URL that matches your company, I almost always say do it.
The advantages of a company name URL are that it's short and memorable which means it's super easy to remember. As a result, it's an easy way to put your company name in front of your prospects and allow you to maintain consistency in the brand across your online marketing efforts. It looks cleaner and stands out as being more professional.
End result? Google naturally loves you and you will attract more loyal visitors and readers. Cool, right?
In my personal opinion, if you're looking to create a long-term brand using your company name - choose a branded domain. It's proven that by having short and clean URL's that match your company name or brand, people trust you more than someone with a domain that is more generic and less trustworthy.
Keyword-Rich URL
There are also situations when I would recommend using keyword-rich domains say if you're trying to brand yourself as an industry expert. A good example would be something like Authentic Internet Marketing Specialist or Authentic Internet Marketing Expert where you're positioning what you provide as a memorable name or tag line. In that case it's beneficial because you're branding your service or offering, while using the main keyword/phrase at the same time.
You can easily set up targeted domains for the niche or keyword/phrase you're targeting and re-direct that domain to your site. My private clients love this strategy! I've used this method hundreds of times for domains related to "client attraction" or "authentic internet marketing", where I purchase a keyword-rich domain, and then re-direct the user to the main domain once they click on that domain.
Here's why.
Google loves a scenario where the keyword phrase is the website domain. The reasoning why (your keyword phrase).com should rank number one is clear.
Bottom line?
Choose a website name that fits your ideal client and this will help you get you so many more clients than before.
Until then... Learn it, Love it, Live it!
Your Assignment:
What does your website name say about you and what you offer? Do a complete overview of the domains you own and which are branded as your company name and which are relevant from a keyword perspective. Now, what opportunities exist for you to take advantage of in terms of adding to the list of domains you currently have related to your brand or keywords? Make a list of the keywords related to your company name or services and offerings based on relevant keywords and develop a plan to go out and get those website names! It will strategically over time allow you to improve your rankings in search engines like Google - and ultimately get the real Google "love."