Reason for Use Water Meters

Reason for Use (POU) meters are created to supply a submetering option for people properties that cannot be submetered by typical submeters because of plumbing related styles that provide a number of pipes to the condominium or business office (piled risers). The meters have been specifically made for loaded riser plumbing related designs typically seen in attributes that use a main boiler to deliver popular water.

Within a standard installing small flow meters are set up inconspicuously on every popular & cold wall plug to the bath/tub, sink and toilet dish washing machine and garments washer. Depending on the producer the flow meters either have a transmitter internal or are attached to an graphical user interface table/ transmitter. The transmitters record consumption details to a key Digesting pc that therefore forwards the consumption details into a payment heart where by charges could be sent and printed on the consumer.


installation and Equipment costs are typically better that conventional methods nevertheless the payback is still generally less than a season. When deciding on a POU meter, a main thing to consider should be that this meters can be read through by any Programmed Reading System (AMR). This allows the home manager to pick involving many invoicing companies and fails to tie up the dog owner to products that can basically be go through with a couple of businesses.

Submetering is proven by several studies to minimize use up to 39Percent. Though POU meters have been readily available for above 10 years they have not been popular right up until just recently. Together with the current interest in natural options and the at any time increasing sewer and water expenses components that before could stop being traditionally metered are actually the installation of POU meters and benefitting in the same form of use special discounts that properties with traditional plumbing have recognized for several years. Because close to 50% of apartments and 90Per cent of office buildings employ piled riser plumbing related the benefits of submetering with POU meters have rarely been handled.

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