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    • Chappell Hawley

      Logitech Playgear Stealth And Playgear Mod Psp Audio Review

      The Logitech QuickCam includes a built in microphone which great for that video conferences I would be wise to be able to access for work. Image quality is fine if have to a decent amount of light, but if the light level is lower, I have gotten complaints that I cannot be visible. The same hold s...

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      • Mason Chambers

        High Quality Logitech Speakers

        The Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod and iPhone is a classy speaker with a crucial sound. This small high-fidelity speaker can eight hours of music on its rechargeable battery.Just be sure of deciding on a plan of which may be suitable for your day today needs and take along a beautif...

        Tags: Logitech G502, logitech g502,